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Following this 41st season among different working spaces, l’École OMNIBUS still doesn’t have an address of it’s own. Until we find our proper space, appropriate to our art’s practice as well as the reception of its diaspora, Montreal’ mime school renounces to its formations on a continuous base and only accepts registrations to the intensive summer workshop (June 8 to 19, 2020) and the teachers’ workshop (August 3 to 6, 2020).

Confident in the numerous programs developed over four decades: regular or master classes, conferences, seminars or workshops (see descriptive), and a team of experienced teachers as well, we respond, as of the past years, to the demands.

This is to say that invitations coming from Montreal, Canada or from abroad, by constituted groups (stage neophytes or professionals), institutions: universities or colleges, drama schools or theatre departments who can provide their own working space, may directly contact the school’s coordination in order to agree on conditions and a schedule.